Dale Holman Portland Maine

Dale Holman Maine – Tips For Comparing The Quality Of Realtor

The Real Estate Brokers act as the medium between the sellers and buyers of real estate or private properties. They find out the clients who wish to sell their properties and also the clients who wish to buy them. The real estate agents are judged over their marketing skills. An important attribute of the agents is that he /she has to have a good connection about the real estate industry. The brokers are compared on several grounds to obtain the best quality of work from them.

Comparison on the grounds of obtaining a license

An agent obtains the license of a real estate salesperson from the state firstly where he chooses to practice his craft. After gaining an experience in the field of real estate sales for a number of years, he/she gets the license of a real estate broker. The salespersons work under the authority of the licensed real estate broker.

Choosing a good broker

An eminent broker is chosen over many recommendations and suggestions. Many industrialists even visit the established offices to select a real estate agent. Some people even find an agent in an open house. Several brokers are interviewed to find out who matches the criteria of the deal and also that they specializes on.

Check the Marketing skills

A good broker is often questioned over his marketing skills. The inevitable question that arises while choosing an agent is that how will they market the property belonging to the agent. The brokers face some very important questions on the interview board. One is whether they are a member of the market and the other is on which portal will their property be advertised to get the perfect market exposure.

Compare charges taken by the brokers

The fee charge by the brokers vary enormously in accordance with the terms and conditions of the project. Their fees may include or exclude VAT, which they say clearly in the interview. On appointing a sole broker the cost is relatively low.

Dale Holman Maine is a reliable broker in the city of Portland,Maine who posses all the qualities of an eminent and experienced real estate agent.


You can visit at the following address: –

Dale Holman

400 Congress Street, Box 17882

Portland, ME 04101






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