Dale Holman- Best Five Qualities That Should Be In Your Real Estate Broker

Selling and buying properties can be considered to be a strenuous task for an individual. A real estate broker acts as an intermediary between the Selling and Buying agents and coordinate the real estate transaction while keeping up with the mutual interests of both the parties. A good real estate broker is similar in nature to a conductor of a symphony. Here are some qualities that your real estate broker must possess:-

Adequate knowledge about properties

Clients want to be sure that they are leaving this process to an expert. Brokers are needed to be knowledgeable in local subjects such as schools, real estate laws, municipal practices and much more. They have to be able to offer advice that will inform the clients to make the best possible decisions will lead to a positive reputation.


A broker’s top priority should be being honest with the clients. It is the life and money of the clients, that are being entrusted upon the broker, so it is the responsibility of the broker to see them through a positive experience. A Real estate Broker license is one way to ensure that the broker adheres to a certain code of ethics.

An engaging personality

For a real estate broker, the primary job is not only to sell properties and represent clients, but also to sell himself/herself. A marketable personality along with good communication skills make the process a lot easier.

Can motivate the client

The broker cares more about the client’s priorities and goals than their commission. (The smartest agents know that if they can take care of the client, the commission takes care of itself.) They only work with a limited number of priority clients at any given time.So that they can produce the valuable time, attention and energy to the client according to the service they need.

Proactive, hard working and Tenacious

Being a top producing real estate agent requires a great work ethic. One must have the tenacity to pursue every lead and remain proactive all the time.

Dale Holman Portland, Maine is a broker in the city of Portland, Maine who possesses all these qualities and is one of the best Real Estate brokers in the area.

If you are looking real estate specialist in Maine contact Dale Holman


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