Dale Holman Maine: Portland’s Well Known Real Estate Broker!!

Dale Holman Maine is a well known name in Portland, Maine area. He has established himself as a real estate broker. Let’s have a closer view of Dale’s personal and professional life. He has a marvelous personality and a heart of gold. If we look at his professional life, we will find that he is a self made person who has achieved success only because of his hard work and dedication.

Presently Dale Holman Maine is holding a designation of president at EAGLE ATM. Earlier he has worked as Commercial Real Estate designated Broker at Keystone Real Estate. He is not a person who was born with a silver spoon or who has inherited a large bank balance from his forefathers. He has worked day and night to reach so far. He has a vast experience working in different companies on different designations to achieve this success.  He worked as Digital media representative at Maine Today Digital. He has also worked as national account manager at Sybex.Inc.  After gaining experiences here, he decided to work as independent sales representative at Macmillan Publishing,US. During his professional journey, he became extremely popular among real estate companies. Presently, he is taking care of each and everything at Eagle ATM. He is the one who is responsible for all sorts of administration ATM placements, products, services and relates systems at eagle atm.  Not only this, he also works with vendors, management and regulatory authorities. He is the one behind all written proposals and effective strategies. He manages almost everything at eagle atm, right from customers needs to deciding prices to optimize profitability. He understands the value of customers and pays extra attention to the customer disputes or fraudulent issues in accordance with state and federal rules and regulations. Dale Holman Portland Maine work ethics are based on honesty and integrity. Some of his rivals and competitors try to defame him but his good deeds are the proof of his integrity and authenticity.


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