Dale Holman, Portland’s Honest Rest Estate Broker

If you ask anyone in Portland, Maine for a recommendation for a real estate broker they will all tell you Dale Holman is one of the best. He has earned this title by working hard and never giving up. Dale is the most honest man you will find and has a generous heart and a catching personality. He has put many hours of hard work to get where he is right now.

Dale Holman is the president of EAGLE ATM, which means he has many different responsibilities. His duties include the daily activities of the company, which means determining the locations of multiple ATMs will be placed and coordinating the rest of the required services, products and the other related systems. He is in charge of managing the company, dealing with the various regulatory authorities and the vendors. He also comes up with a variety of effective, creative and new proposals and strategies to keep the company going strong.

Dale Holman Maine has also held many lower positions in other companies, which includes the position of a commercial real estate broker. He was also one of many national account managers for Sybex Inc, and even worked in Maine Today Digital as one of their digital media representatives.

Dale went Pensacola Christian College for his higher education and started in 1990 and finished in 1994. He has honed his many abilities and skills, which include negotiation, insurance, sales, real estate, small business management, team creation, advising investments, project management.

Dale Holman Maine has managed to get where he currently is by exerting a great amount of hard work and never giving up on what he wanted. His success has been envied by his many competitors and they have tried to invent many different stories to tarnish his reputation, but once you meet him you will understand that they are not true.


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