Dale Holman, the Honest Real Estate Broker

Dale Holman is the top name you will hear everyone talking about in Portland, Maine. Here he successfully managed to establish himself as the top real estate broker that is available in the city. Dale is as honest as the day is long and has the best personality and heart you will find anywhere. He had given many hours of hard work to getting to where he is today.

Dale Holman is currently the president of a company named EAGLE ATM. However, he has been in many other positions in an array of other companies, which included working as a commercial real estate broker for Keystone Real Estate. Also, he held was one of the national account managers for Sybex Inc, and even a representative for digital media for the Maine Today Digital and many other positions. Dale Holman Maine takes responsibility for most of the daily activities in the company. This includes the determining the placements of the multiple ATMs and coordinates the required services, products and the related systems. He also works with the management, regulatory authorities and the vendors from many different companies. He is in charge of developing effective, creative and new proposals and strategies for the company.

Dale had chosen Pensacola Christian College for his higher studies and started in 1990 and graduated in 1994. He has held many lowly positions in companies before he worked his way up to becoming the president. He has honed a huge variety of abilities and skills, including negotiation, small business management, team creation, project management, advising investments, real estate, sales, credit and insurance. Dale Holman Maine got here with plenty of elbow grease and a great deal of effort. His success has led the competitors to invent different plans to attempt to ruin his reputation, but you merely have to meet him and you will realize they are all lying.


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