Dale Holman – A Reliable Broker You Can Trust

Dale Holman is a household name in the area of Portland, Maine. In Portland he has successfully established himself as one of the top real estate brokers you can find in the area. Dale is an honest man with an amazing personality and a heart that keeps on giving. He has also achieved the success he wanted by dedication and lots of hard work.

Currently Dale Holman is the president for EAGLE ATM. He has held many other jobs with different companies, including as a broker dedicated to commercial real estate for Keystone Real Estate. He also was the national account manager for Sybex Inc, digital media representative for Maine Today Digital and many other places.

Dale Holman Maine is in charge of many different things in his current position as president of the company. This includes the placements of ATMs along with the services, products and other related systems. He doesn’t just do that, but he also works with the management, regulatory authorities and vendors from many different companies. He also is in charge of coming up with effective, creative and new strategies and proposals for the company.

Dale attended Pensacola Christian College from 1990 until he graduated in 1994. He has held many different positions before he became the president of his current company and also has many different skills and abilities. Some of his top skills include sales, real estate, negotiation, project management, small business management, building up teams, and adviser for investments, insurance and credit.


Dale Holman Maine didn’t get to be in his position without plenty of hard work and effort since he wasn’t born into a life of luxury. However, because of his success many of his competitors have tried to tarnish his reputation, but you only have to meet him to realize that all of the rumors are lies.


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